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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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almost $1 billion worth of new projects waiting in the wings, the city wants to stamp out new building permits in a matter of months, not years. >> there's no question that time costs money for an awful lot of these folks. >> reporter: projects coming online include three million new square meet of office and r and d spails more than 800,000 residential units and 600,000 square feet of new retail space. it could create thousands of construction and permanent jobs and add $9 million to city coffers in tax revenues. >> we want to move quickly while the iron is hot because we know they can get cold very quickly and we have seen that twice already in the last decade. >> reporter: the collaboration with san jose for some of his company's success has created 60 new well paying jobs with plans for more and sparked the return of world class manufacturing back to silicon valley. >> they supported us in finding the right facility, get the permits in place in a timely
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fashion to meet milestones for investors and really achieve the success that we have had in a relatively short period of time. >> reporter: although unemployment is still higher than pre-recession levels, san jose is confident that silicon valley is on the comeback and the city wants to be ready when business is ready. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. new details tonight in a san jose murder mystery. police have just named a suspect. officers got a 911 call from a home on evangeline drive at 5:30 a.m. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez shows us who investigators are looking for. >> reporter: he is the man who lives in this home behind me the home where the body was found. let me show you his picture just released within the hour from the san jose police department. his name is troy nosenzo wanted for suspicion of homicide. san jose police are asking for help from the public to find him. >> he is wanted. there is enough information
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that the detectives feel confident he is involved and so at this point, that's the reason we felt very strongly to release his information in hopes of somebody calling it in. >> reporter: police are not releasing the name of the victim. they are only saying it was a woman. they are not even saying if she lived here. what we do know is that the suspect, troy nosenzo is married to patricia nosenzo who also lives here. she hasn't been seen all day and her neighbors are worried. >> patricia is a wonderful woman. wonderful woman. she is so friendly, so nice, so energetic, so young spirit. she is a great woman. >> reporter: knowing her husband has been named a suspect? >> it's horrible. he was a calm, quiet passive type so i would have never guessed he would have done something like this but knowing that it happened, i -- i could have looked at the warning signs, you know, there was a lot of warning signs put out there. they were having a lot of marital problems. >> reporter: because of the
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really unusual set of circumstances, it took a couple of hours this morning to answer the emergency call that came from this house. that 911 call came in around 5:38 but when the operator picked up nobody was talking on the other end. believing it was one of the many 911 hangups they get every day police had to put that situation on the back burner they say as they had their hands full dealing with some unrelated incidents. a rash of auto thefts on nearby santa teresa turns out the car thieves had placed bricks on the gas pedals of three cars causing themcrash. the cops picked back up on the 911 hang-up call and arrived here an hour and 12 minutes later at 6:50. then another distraction, there were two dogs roaming around the outside. they had to call animal control to secure the dogs. and this took another hour. they got in at 7:50 and found a woman's body in the entryway with a hoodie around her face. there were no signs of a forced entry. now, police are looking for a
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gray 2006 chevy silverado pickup truck license plate 8l70015. if you have any information, you're asked to call the san jose police department. it is a mystery as to the name of the victim. they are not naming her at this time. >> no, and joe, i notice you said suspicion of homicide. they are not saying murder? >> reporter: right. sometimes, you know, that's the legal term. they know they have a body. they believe there's something suspicious about it. murder comes at some point later in the system in terms of the charge by the district attorney. but they are saying suspicion of homicide on the man that they're looking for. >> joe vazquez, thank you. up to 18 inches of new snow in the sierra is raising hopes of a snow-packed winter. ski resorts are cranking up the snowmaking machines just in time for the thanksgiving holiday period. boreal may open tomorrow. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers is at blue canyon.
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hi, christin. >> reporter: hey, dana. it is cold out here. and some of the ski resorts say they got more snow than expected. boreal will open tomorrow. they say they got about 8" of snow. you can see how much they got just right here. mammoth opened today, boreal tomorrow. not such great conditions to drive in the sierra today. many drivers struggling to get over. snowplows were pushing aside some of the slush and drives were trying to get by today. also, chain requirements in effect on 80 over donner summit brought traffic to a standstill as truck drivers and others scrambled to get those chains installed. >> this is interstate 80. the only northern route into california from the whole rest of the united states. so we deal with all kinds of people. a lot of people have never seen snow before. it's just another day in paradise. >> reporter: after last season's dismal snow, the ski resorts have snow guns running
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until the lifts open. those who couldn't wait until then broke out the sleds and snowboards. they were on makeshift bunny hills just outside blue canyon today. some of those resorts reporting anywhere from 6" of snow today all the way up to 18" north of lake tahoe so winter off to a great start over last year. >> brrrr! that's all i have to say. stay warm, christin. thank you. [ laughter ] >> maybe not as much but the blast of wintry weather also bringing some snow to the bay area. cbs 5 meteorologist paul deanno going to show us that. >> i'll second that brrrr around here. we had cold temperatures today. here's a peek outside. mount diablo how about that? snow level down it 3,000 feet. the top of mount diablo 3850 feet so we had a dusting of snow. mount hamilton 4200 feet in the south bay had 1" of snowfall this morning.
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here's what we have outside right now. vallejo 53. concord 50. mountain view 52. these aren't your lows tonight. this is what you have outside right now at the 6:00 hour. oakland you dropped down to 41 this morning. coldest morning in more than 7 months. 30s overnight for fairfield, napa, santa rosa, livermore down to 38. even downtown san francisco down to 45 degrees. there is a warmup to talk about. let you know which will be the warmest -- i'll speak english coming up, as well. >> it's so cold i can't talk. >> your lips aren't working. >> not so much brrr. >> it will wear off. >> cold in the studio, too. thank you, paul. a police chase in castro valley ended with this crash. deputies spotted a car driving recklessly and started a pursuit around 2:00. it lasted about a half mile, and the suspect ran into a light pole. deputies arrested that suspect. nobody else was hurt. lightning knocked out power
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to hundreds of homes in san francisco. lightning strikes damaged five transformers overnight in the noe valley. all customers have power back tonight. and fire damaged a private school in east san jose. the fire broke out early this morning at saint thomas more school on south white road early this morning. firefighters don't know how it started but they say it doesn't appear to be suspicious. had collapsed and had a very large hole in his flank. >> a horse in the bay area killed by gunfire. the investigation into the death of delta fox. >> how hundreds of goldfish ended up on the lawn of a northern california sorority house. >> plastic guns that can fire real bullets. how 3-d printers can make homemade weapons and they are completely legal. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police department. oakland is asking a judge to block the federal government from taking over the city's police department. last month, a federal watchdog was assigned to implement policy changes stemming from lawsuits involving brutality. oakland says it's close to meeting court mandated changes and if federal oversight is needed now, it would throw things into disarray. the city wants an on-site compliance director to implement the changes. a hearing is scheduled for next month. police believe a fight over money ended in murder in contra costa county. police arrested these two suspects early this morning. they are suspected of shooting and killing the victim in front of a home on 18th street in antioch last night because the man allegedly owed them money. the suspects are being held on a million dollars bail. >> the owner of a north bay ranch is struggling to
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understand an act of what looks to be animal cruelty. the family's horse was shot to death send in sonoma county's benefit valley. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo on how they are keeping closer watch on their owe animals. >> he was a beautiful, beautiful american warm blood that my husband raised from the time he was a baby. >> reporter: sunday morning at around 9 a.m. three horses were grazing on the outskirts of this ranch in sonoma county. but one didn't make it. sonoma police say 17-year-old delta fox was clintly shot and killed -- deliberately shot and killed. >> the horses came racing up the hill in a huge panic ran all three into one stall. >> then delta collapsed. her husband went to see what happened. >> he found that delta had collapsed and had a very large hole in his flank and he came in and said, delta's been shot and killed, he's dying right now. >> she was shot with a high- powered rifle. >> reporter: bennett valley is
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the last place you would expect a random shooting. >> it's devastating. and it has hit my husband very, very hard because he raised that horse. >> we're offering a $5,000 reward to any person who may have information leading to the arrest of the person who did this. >> reporter: the other two horses that survived snickers and mendoza, have the run of 14 acres. but as for right now, they are being confined here unless in less than one acre. >> i think for a while they will be within sight of the house. >> reporter: the owner doesn't want to be identified and things aren't the same without delta for her or delta's surviving friends. >> it's hard to pass his empty stall and the other horses are still looking for him. they don't understand that he's gone. and it's really very hurtful to see how much they miss him. >> reporter: reporting from santa rosa, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. hundreds of fish died in a college prank. somebody dumped 200 goldfish on
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the front lawn of a sorority house at uc-davis and that's not all. the prankster also dumped trash, damaged sorority bicycles and stole a wallet from an unlocked car. >> that's where all the stigmatisms around sororities and brats come from and that's why i never joined one. >> the frankster could face criminal punishment. so far, though, police don't have any suspects. there is a new way to build a homemade gun. metal detectors cannot detect it either. it's perfectly legal unregulated. tonight how 3-d printers are being used to make plastic guns that will be able to fire real and deadly bullets. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: they come in all shapes and sizes. and now there's a whole new way that a piece can be produced. >> developed an idea we are calling -- >> reporter: the brainchild of a university of texas law student has become a reality thanks to something called a 3-
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d printer. the machine actually looks like a photocopier and usually generates models like these. >> developed two prototypes. >> reporter: but the group defense distributed is looking to make a real gun. here's how it works. the design of the gun is programmed into a 3-d printer. the printer then shapes the piece of hard plastic into a fireable weapon. the process takes hours. the group is collecting designs from contributors around the world. and the final schematics will be distributed online. then anyone with a 3-d printer and a computer will be able to print a gun at home. >> now crossed the threshold. we're there. we have the -- we have the reality of a weapon system that can be printed out from your desk. >> reporter: the printers cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $100,000 and majoring a gun in your garage or -- making a gun in your garage or basement for personal use is within your rights. >> a law-abiding citizens who wants to manufacture a firearm for himself can do that legally as long as that gun doesn't
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meet certain criteria. >> reporter: they add making a gun at home is nothing new. but that doesn't mean that they won't be keeping a careful eye on it as 3-d printers could bring a new dimension to making weapons in the u.s. >> we'll also make sure that if it does come to a point where it becomes a concern for public safety, we will go out with messages to the public on some of the concerns in the dos and don'ts with that. >> as for those texas grad students, the company that had initially leased the 3-d printer took it back but we talked to the student who is confident he will have access to a new 3-d printer soon. good news at bay area gas pumps today. the price of filling up is going down. according to aaa, today you're paying about 3.88 for a gallon of regular unleaded in oakland, 4.02 in san francisco and 3.86 in san jose. the national average today is 3.45 a gallon. the highest average price in
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the bay area so far that we found was 4.68 a gallon and that was a month ago. >> cheaper to go up to the mountains where the snow is. >> i like that. and a lot of snow there is up there. another foot and a half in a couple of spots the past few days adding to the snow that we had a couple of weeks ago. we are setting up for a much better ski season this year at least at the outset than we were most if not all of last year. here's a peek outside right now. it gets dark early, doesn't it? pitch black as we approach 6:20 this evening. bay bridge looking gorgeous. mainly clear skies in the background. this is kind of interesting. the n oaa monitors whether we'll have an el nino. they said we would have a wea el nino. last night they say it will be a neutral winter, not la nina or el nino. no el nino and less snowfall and less precipitation around
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here fewer storms come wintertime. here's hi-def doppler which anytime there is a storm it is the strongest most accurate radar in the bay area tracking a few showers hugging th coastline. it may affect you in santa cruz or capitola but missing right now the 280 corridor and 101 on the peninsula. here's what we have on a wide scale. notice all the clouds are just racing down from the north. that's why it's so cold outside. it's not going to change for the next couple of days what we are going to have is below normal temperatures even when the sunshine comes back. upper level low pressure is moving out enhancing of the northerly flow so the rain will leave after tonight. the cold is going to stick around. we'll be below normal for several days. high pressure building in starting veterans sunday. that will keep the rain away but we are on the northern fringe of it so we'll still have an onshore flow. it's not going to get that warm even as sunshine increases. today in the 50s. tomorrow first day of the weekend, once again the 50s. close to 60 degrees but likely
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staying just short. 59 for fremont. vallejo 57. san rafael 60. san francisco 56 tomorrow. another chilly one but we'll be dry with partly sunny skies. sunnier, milder on sunday. and a couple of degrees warmer for monday and tuesday. right now long-range computer forecast models push back the next round of rainfall until thursday next week. so it's not going to be warm. but after this evening it will be dry. s that is your cbs 5 forecast. thank you. breaking ground on an interchange improvement. the major change coming to one of the bay area's biggest traffic spots. >> i been waiting here for hours and hours and hours. >> the lines stretched around the bay area block. why so many waited even camped out for a piece of paper. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
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super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. pantry. more than one hundred people even spent te night to be among the firstn a record number of people lined up outside one san jose
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food pantry. more than 100 people spent the night to be among the first in line. as cbs 5 reporter anne makovec reports, how the long wait will turn into some holiday help. >> i been waiting here for hours and hours and hours. >> reporter: the line stretched for blocks all morning long in front of sacred heart community service. >> i'm a stay-at-home mom. i have to take care of my son. >> reporter: she and thousands like her came to sign up for holiday help, food for thanksgiving and toys for christmas. >> i thank god there are places like this that are in the bay area that, you know, folks like us that are able to go to in times of need. >> reporter: about 150 people spent the night here in blankets and in tents to make sure they were first in line. >> my son comes first before me. anytime. >> reporter: the need this year is expected to match last year's record-breaking numbers, 4,000 families needing food and 5500 children needing toys.
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>> what it means to me is that my daughter will be able to have a holiday season, because i'm not working and we just moved here last month. >> a lot of people, if they have working many times it's part time. in they're unioned-they are very on far down on the list for jobs. there's not a lot out there. >> reporter: everyone who came walked out with a certificate to be redeemed during the holidays, gifts fueled by donations and volunteers. >> i hope to do something for them when i'm able to, when i'm able to be on my feet. >> i'm very blessed and appreciative. >> reporter: go to our website,, we have a link to theirs if you want to volunteer or donate. anne makovec, cbs 5. a major change for one of the busiest traffic hot spots in the south bay. today, crews broke ground on the long-awaited safety improvement project on the i-
6:24 pm
280-880 stevens creek boulevard interchanges. the project will bring a new stevens creek overpass as well as a new entrance to valley fair mall. >> it has been dubbed one of the worst communities in santa clara county. and especially in that south bay area where you have commuters going to big job employment centers. you have fine dining, great shopping in that area. you have a lot of people competing for roadways. >> this one is not going to be quick. crews expect to finish the project in three years. >> coming up in the next half hour the sudden resignation. cia director, the sex scandal that prompted david petraeus to quit. >> everybody's taxes will automatically go up on january 1. >> that is, unless congress can come to some sort of agreement. in his first public speech post- election how president obama addressed the "fiscal cliff" crisis. >> and facing such a severe gas shortage, how drivers in new york city are being forced to follow an odd new rule. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of the c-i-a. tonigh and now at 6:30, he led military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan and became head of the cia. tonight, general david petraeus
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steps down after admitting to having an affair. petraeus called his behavior unacceptable as the leader of the spy agency. cbs reporter tara mergener in washington where the resignation has shocked the intelligence community as well as top political leaders. tara. >> reporter: indeed. good evening, allen. yes, petraeus' resignation absolutely came as a shock here in washington ending the long career of a well respected and very high-profile public servant. cia director david petraeus submitted a letter of resignation to president obama admitting he had an extramarital affair. the president accepted his resignation. petraeus who has been married for 37 years says he showed, quote, extremely poor judgment when he had the affair. petraeus has been running the cia since september of 2011. before that, he was in charge of allied forces in afghanistan. and he also oversaw coalition forces in iraq. in a letter to cia employees,
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petraeus wrote, such behavior is unacceptable both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours. president obama called petraeus one of the outstanding general officers of his generation. the president met with petraeus thursday afternoon. the general offered his resignation. the revelation came as a surprise. petraeus led the surge in iraq and went on to lead u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. his wife works in the obama administration's consumer financial protection bureau. the couple has a daughter and a son. and president obama says he is confident that the cia will continue to thrive and carry out its essential mission. allen, quite a shock here tonight. >> tara, history has shown in washington is not always a career ender. is there any indication or reason why in this case it ended so abruptly with the general's resignation. >> reporter: not specifically. but there certainly is a lot of
6:30 pm
speculation. for one thing, an extramarital affair is considered a security breach and a counterintelligence threat. there's also the theory that it might give the impression to his peers in the military that it's okay to have an affair and then also allen tonight, there's a lot of speculation about the timing of this announcement just three days after the election. also, one more thing. a lot of people wonder if he was such an honorable man, is this a question of honor in his mind? >> i see. tara mergener, thank you. the other big story in washington, the political maneuvering between president obama and republican leaders in congress. both sides are staking out positions on how to avoid what's being called the "fiscal cliff." cbs 5 political reporter grace lee with the chances of a deal being reached. grace. >> reporter: dana, the pressure is definitely on for the president as well as for congress. if they don't act, those tax hikes begin january 1 and really affect almost everyone. we are talking about $3,000 for the average household. well, today it could be the
6:31 pm
beginning of the end as there are new signs that there could be wiggle room for a deal. >> i'm not wedded to every detail of my plan. i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> everyone wants to get our economy moving again. everyone wants to get more americans back to work again. >> reporter: could this be washington code for a real compromise? a political science expert says exactly what it is. >> and there's a kind of dance taking place in which each side wants to portray itself as the one that's reasonable. >> reporter: that could be tough on capitol hill. today the president promised to veto any deals that include tax cuts on people making more than $250,000 a year a move republican leaders say will only cost americans more jobs. >> if we're serious about reducing the deficit, we have
6:32 pm
to combine spending cuts with revenue. and that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> according to ernst & young raising the top rates would destroy nearly 700,000 jobs in our country. >> reporter: while the president and the speaker are at odds over income taxes on wealthier americans, they both signal that there are places where they could find middle ground getting rid of tax loopholes and deductions, for instance. >> i do think that this election is important because in providing some cover for republicans,. >> reporter: part of the reason for that is because of exit polls they suggest that a lot of americans want an end to fighting and gridlock on capitol hill. both sides are going to have to give up something, but what that bargaining chip is could be revealed when the congressional leaders meet with the president next week. so maybe we'll get some clues then. >> thank you. well, fears over the "fiscal cliff" caused wall
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street to suffer one of its worst weeks this year. the dow did gain today just four points. the nasdaq and s&p also rose by single digits but they are all down more than 2% for the week. a symbol of recovery in the big apple tonight. lady liberty is shining brightly once again. the national park service says this is the first time the statue's torch has been lit since superstorm sandy hit the new york area. however, the statue and its park are still closed because of the storm. gas rationing started today in new york city all because of that superstorm sandy. cbs reporter ines ferre on the rule drivers have to follow so everyone gets their fair share. >> reporter: drivers in new york city and long island had to have a license plate ending with an odd number if they wanted to fill up on friday. >> i'm an even number and they are not letting us online and i needed gas to pick up my daughter. >> reporter: the rationing went
6:34 pm
into effect friday in an area where about 11 million people live. cars can fill up gas cans as long as supplies last. >> i think it's a good idea because i was waiting about three hours. >> reporter: here at this queens gas station, the line has been about 20 minutes long since odd/even rationing kicked in. the owner has enough for a few more hours. the superstorm sandy and the nor'easter that hit on wednesday disrupted fuel deliveries and cut power to filling stations. the system could remain in effect for several weeks. police are making sure that nobody cheats the system. >> move your vehicle as soon as possible. >> reporter: but even drivers who follow the rules can end up being the odd man out. >> this is very frustrating. i stayed very long on the line and when i got here they run out of gas. >> reporter: new yorkers who are lucky enough to find gas are paying about 20 cents more per gallon than they were a week ago.
6:35 pm
feds said, the issue didn'td a fix. (((roberta live tease))) (((roberta live tease))) (((roberta live teas airbags deploying for no apparent reason. why the feds said the issue did not need a fix. >> no joke, it snowed in the bay area today. we'll show you where as eyewitness news continues. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chrysler is recalling more n 900-thousand s-u-vs worldwie because the airbags can sudy deploy while people are dri. the chrysler is recalling suvs because of airbags that suddenly deploy while people are driving. the national highway traffic safety administration says the reason is a failed part in the airbag control computer. it affects early 2000 model jeep grand cherokees an
6:38 pm
liberties. not just jeeps. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts has been working on a story about a brave driver who had a similar airbag problem in another type of vehicle, a bay area driver. >> reporter: it may have looked like chelsea's car has been in a crash but the teen says these airbags in her 2001 ford focus deployed for no reason. it happened as she was driving out of this parking lot at 10 miles an hour. >> there was a lot of white stuff like powder type stuff. what happened? i was really scared. >> reporter: and hurt. not only did the airbag crack the windshield but the explosion left chelsea with minor injuries that her mother worries could have been much worse. >> i had a burn right here from the airbag and it cut my knees and i had bruising on my legs. >> she drives on the freeway. of what in it happened on the freeway? there is no telling who would have crashed into her. >> reporter: clarence of the
6:39 pm
center for auto safety says unexpected airbag deployments in the ford focus are nothing new. >> the bottom line is, the 2000- 2001 ford focus clearly had an airbag problem in the early days. >> reporter: in fact, back in 2002, the national highway traffic safety administration launched an investigation into the problem after reports of more than 300 complaints about unexpected airbag deployments. many of them from drivers who were stopped or driving less than 10 miles an hour. but nhtsa closed the investigation stating no fixes were warranted because it determined in more than half of the cases drivers had actually hit something. ditlo says it was the wrong call. >> if there's not a serious crash, the air bag should not deploy. >> reporter: when the mom submitted a claim for damage to the insurance company it was initially denied because there was no accident. >> they are claiming that it's a manufacturing defect. >> reporter: something ford has denied in the past. it's a blame game that they are
6:40 pm
tired of playing but hope their story makes a difference. >> other people node to know. other people have 16-year-olds driving vehicles and they could have a daughter driving this model. they need to be careful and knowledgeable that this is a potential problem in the vehicle. >> reporter: ford says it's investigating what went wrong in chelsea's car. but her insurance company has now agreed to pay for the fix. a consumer lawyer says ford began address similar airbag complaints with a software upgrade in the 2002 focus in later models. if you have a consumer problem, head to the nightmares are not as frequent. but they still happen. >> nightmares are a common occurrence although over the years, they have gotten less and less frequent. >> how bay area war veterans are getting therapy from dolphins. >> good evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno with your forecast. the forecast is going to get chilly. we are getting darker
6:41 pm
earlierier, already in the 40s in some spots. where we could see frost tomorrow morning here in northern california, that's coming up next. i'm vern glenn. ahead, the lakers fire their head coach as they welcome the warriors to town and born without arms and legs, that kind of thing has not stopped this gilroy football coach from inspiring greatness. his story next. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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post traumatic stress disorr and traumatic brain injuriee taking a new approach to thr treatment. a group veterans suffering from post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries are taking a new approach to their treatment. a group of wounded warriors spent time with dolphins at six flags in vallejo today. considered very therapeutic for the vets as they transition from active duty to civilian life. this veteran says is means a lot to him. >> it's amazing. i'll think about this tonight. have that positive thought in my head. >> these veterans are part of a residential treatment program at the pathway house in yountville.
6:45 pm
the nonprofit program estimates one in three returning veterans have some degree of ptsd or traumatic brain injury. we're looking at paul now for the weekend. it has arrived. >> it's been a week. it's been a long week. we elected a president this week. it's been a long busy week this week. as we start the weekend, a lot of folks starting in a slow note, those folks without fastrak look at the difference in speed yes, i do traffic as well average speed of fastrak users about 25 miles per hour. if you are pay cash, i'll see you in san francisco about 8:00 tonight. of course that's at the foot of the bay bridge. we have a cold weather alert. a frost advisory tomorrow morning from 2 to 8 a.m. mendocino county low 30s. sacramento valley upper 20s to mid-30s. the coldest morning we have had since april is what you can expect well to the north of san francisco coming up tomorrow morning. and it was cold enough in the sierra where we had a winter weather advisory for anywhere
6:46 pm
from about 6 to 18". new snowfall not great for driving. excellent for skiing in many ski resorts will be open for business coming up this weekend. >> high-def doppler radar upper- level low pressure is moving out. no showers near san francisco. there's one shower that may clip you right around los gatos in campbell over the next 10 or 15 minutes. aside from that we are drying out because upper level low pressure is in the process of moving out. so two things, one that big counterclockwise swirl that was approaching us yesterday is now leaving the bay area. it's taking the rain with it. look at the clouds, look at the direction they are coming from. if you ever saw that water that purified water commercial a couple of years ago, consider the source? same thing here. look at where our air is coming from. directly from the north, literally directly from the arctic. so as low pressure moves out because of that counterclockwise swirl around it we're tracting the coldest air coming down from alaska and from canada. so rain is going to be gone but
6:47 pm
the cold is stick around even with some sunshine this weekend. we'll struggle to make it into the low 60s which is well below normal. then high pressure builds in, veterans day on sunday top of next week. but we're on the northern edge. high pressure. highs around 60s, milder but not a significant warmup anytime soon. so slight chance of a shower until about sunrise tomorrow. next several mornings will be cold, 30s, 40s, and the afternoons will be chilly but sunshine tomorrow. let's talk about saturday. not even hitting 60. san jose 59. livermore 59. 60 for sunnyvale, campbell, south of los gatos, union city 59. upper 50s for pittsburg, dublin- pleasanton topping out at 60 tomorrow. mid-50s bodega bay, upper 50s santa rosa, down to the mid-30s tonight in santa rosa. here's your extended forecast. milder for veterans day mainly sunny low 60s. back up to the mid-60s for monday and tuesday.
6:48 pm
wednesday we now stay dry. next thursday showers are back. sew we'll be chilly but the next five days will be mainly dry. it was not dry in one part of the bay area today. guess what. it snowed. roberta gonzales has more. >> reporter: official sun-up at 6:42 and chopper 5 was high in the sky and yes, paul, guess what chopper 5 found as it skimmed across portions of the east bay and headed to mount diablo and a light dusting of snow fell in the overnight hours and in the very wee hours of the morning light snow. in fact, on an annual basis, mount diablo does receive 1.2" of snow. but in a very rare event. we have to take you back to december 7 of 2009, 18" of snow fell in one day. in fact, i remember that so well. this mountain was just loaded with people wanting to see it. so by the time our photographer alex and i got up here today to take a look at the snow, it pretty much had melted as anticipated but we thought we would tell you about another part of the
6:49 pm
mountain as many cyclists across the bay area no. it's the best kept secret. you dress to ride your bike on the bottom of the mountain and you dress for the warm weather. but then by the time you climb to the very top of this mountain, you're freezing! so we decided today to take you along and show you just about that temperature drop on this coldest day of autumn so far this year. it's a cool breezy day here at the base of mount diablo, 61 degrees, not too bad. at 1,000 feet elevation, oddly enough the temperature went up a couple of degrees due to a shift in the wind. at 2,000 feet elevation, the wind is stopped so it doesn't field that bad but i have put a vest on at 56 degrees. up to 2200 feet at the second ranger station, boy, the temperatures dropped significantly down to 46 degrees. at the summit of mount diablo, elevation 3849 feet, the temperature is now dropped 30 degrees. it's freezing!
6:50 pm
so for the base of the mount to the top, a 30-degree temperature drop and you see that white box right there? that's the weather station right here at mount diablo. it's all locked up now because they closed the gates to mount diablo at 6:00 which means we're locked in for the night. [ laughter ] >> and it's a very chilly night here in the east bay. reporting from mount diablo, i'm roberta gonzales, eyewitness news will continue. we'll be right back. we're not going anywhere.
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warriors take the court tont at staples center for a runh a laker team... ...that just showed their head coach the door nba tonight the warriors take the court at the staples center for a run with a lakers team that just showed their coach the door. a one in four start wasn't good enough and now there's turmoil in laker land. head coach mike brown has been fired just five games into the season. many feel he wasn't given enough time but in the win now era, the pressure is just so great. after acquiring steve nash and dwight howard this off season simply saying you're right kobe every night wasn't enough. assistant coach bernie bickerstaff will take over as interim coach tonight against the warriors. the raiders are up against it this sunday at the ravens. the top two running backs are banged up!
6:54 pm
oakland will be without darren mcfadden, seen here injuring his ankle last sunday against tampa bay. he and backup runningback mike goodson have high ankle sprains. both have been wearing walking boots all week. taiwan jones used primarily on special teams this year will carry the load sunday. >> feel like i'm waiting forever. i can't wait. he does amazing things in practice and he is by far the fastest person on the field and will be sunday not that you want to see guys get banged up by i'm excited about the opportunity to get him. >> he will be 22 on sunday. nhra, nothing funny about this funny car accident. scary moment. funny car driver jack beckman had his car explode in the middle of a race. there is it is again. somehow he was okay and walked right away. waving at the crowd. as he did. the next time you're on the brink of complaining about your
6:55 pm
problems, maybe convince yourself you can't physically do anything? you need to see this. and remember a fella named robert mendez. let's take you to gilroy. >> let's go. 29, 29! >> reporter: robert mendez is a football coach. but that's only part of the story. >> isaac! isaac! widen out! >> they are on top of him. >> hey, 37! >> no, no... no! turtle turtle! >> reporter: it's how he does it. mendez is the offense ever coordinator assistant head coach for gilroy christopher high school's freshman football team. >> it feels good when people look at me and get inspired and they want to do better. >> i need a fresh back. next play. run full speed hit the hole. >> reporter: born without arms or legs, but that doesn't stop him. >> i tell the boys i appreciate it because you guys are basically laying your arms and legs at risk for me.
6:56 pm
and i couldn't appreciate it any more 92 or 93, 93 fade -- 92 will be quick slant... >> got it. >> i call him my adversity coach because anytime [ indiscernible ] watch big smile on his face and how he takes it on and kind of makes you put things in perspective and get to work. >> can't diagram anything on a cocktail napkin. it's all in my head. draw up plays with my nose and then i'll email it to the coaches and they will blow it up on a sheet and so there's always a different way. >> reporter: he rests his shoulders on sensor pads to operate the scooter. he made the right call here. a quarterback keeper in the cougars season finale, a victory. >> all good things come to an end. so all we can take from this is memories. and i hope that like i said give me a fist pump on the way
6:57 pm
to school or somewhere. let's not act like we don't know each other, all right? love you guys. >> love you, too, coach. [ applause ] >> mendez is 24. he has been coaching since he was 18 and doesn't have any down time because he's coaching volleyball. right around the corner. the guy does not slow down. >> love it. >> you can't take your eyes off him. he's just polarizing. he is amazing. >> that's amazing. >> his attitude obviously is everything but the technology has allowed him to really do so much more. >> absolutely. >> wow. like he's right out there with them. love that. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. captions by: caption colorado e and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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